A Message from the Founders

After months of interviews, research and discussions with industry thought leaders and influencers, we are excited to formally introduce the Client Experience Institute™ (CEI).

By way of background, we wanted to understand how greater value could be created by trusted advisors serving businesses, individuals and organizations. Our premise is predicated on a deep belief that Professional Service Providers (PSP’s) need to develop an organizational competency and culture of client centricity.

To this end, CEI is dedicated to creating a movement among professionals where we collectively redefine the meaning of what a trusted advisor represents. It is our intention to create, utilize and deploy a variety of assessment tools, relationship capital models, branding principles and various communication methods to drive this transformation.

We welcome your engagement and realize it will take a community of like-minded individuals to rise the tide in an effort to create sustained value.

In a world of plentiful human and social connections, our challenge is to not unveil more activity, but unleash deeper meaning that leads to greater abundance for all.

Welcome to the Client Experience Institute…where smart people come to learn!

Warmest Regards,

Marc Rosen and Judy Bodenhamer