Strengthen your business development activities and skills to create greater relationships with clients, customers, valued sources, and enhance the client experience journey.


Who has time for business development? You do!

There is no shortcut for business development, but our solutions provide a manageable, habit forming set of activities, tools and coaching to improve your effectiveness. Our ultimate aim is to:

  • Enhance new business development performance
  • Drive greater client engagement
  • Increase the competencies of your client facing personnel
  • Enhance your organization’s client-centric culture
  • Improve retention and the customer experience


Tennis shoes of people running. Easy BD Solution

An online, on-demand, self-paced business development program to enhance your Business Development (BD) performance.

Man riding a mini car with flaming wheels signifying business development momentum.

Given the challenge of sustaining forward sales momentum, this program accelerates the ability of professionals to engage in SMART growth activities.

A woman sitting down in thought next to a starting line. Business development coaching

Our coaches assist in shaping the behaviors, tactics and approaches which lead to greater personal and professional development that is both practical and possible to achieve.


Why is client experience important? 32%32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience (source: PwC).

Throughout the customer experience lifecycle, a number of critical touch points and interactions take place. Understanding the customer journey and making improvements to their experience are the building blocks to a customer-centric culture. Our solutions can help jump-start your CX initiatives.


Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

It all starts with having a strategy. We facilitate the conversations:

  • Develop a clear customer experience vision for your organization
  • Develop your customer personas
  • Identify the emotional connection for your customers
  • Customer feedback and ROI
Customer Jouney Map example.

Client Experience (CX) Journey Mapping

Provides an end-to-end view of your customer’s experience. It illustrates the customer’s interactions throughout the process in working with your organization. The results identify the pain points and opportunities to improve the customer experience in alignment with your organizations’ customer experience strategy.

Creating an enterprise-wide client service model engages the entire spectrum of client interactions that creates greater client loyalty.