Webinar: Moving Beyond the Trusted Advisor

From Success to Significance

Professional service providers are being challenged like never before to distinguish themselves. Whether working directly with a business owner, key stakeholder, or serving on a cross-functional team of experts, the need to develop greater relationship currency and trust is tantamount to sustained success.

Technical and functional expertise is the foundation for effective performance; however, a growing body of evidence reveals that both client and other trusted adviser engagement is what truly advances and sustains relationships.


  • What is Relationship Capital and why is it so critical for sustained success?
  • Distinguish the key differences between client service and client engagement
  • Understand how to deploy the different value creation levers for increased relevancy

Learning Outcomes:

  • Adopt a different mindset for developing more meaningful client relationships
  • Better effect outcomes with internal and external stakeholders
  • Influence firm-wide culture regarding client engagement strategies and approaches

Marc Rosen & Judy Bodenhamer, Client Experience Institute, presented the following webinar to members of the Galliard Family Business Advisor Institute in early 2017: